Minh Kin DO

Technical Director FX





Personal works

Bio :

« After initial training in electronics in Marseille (France), I started in 2001 a multimedia designer integrator's training in Aix en Provence, where I learnt the basics of the main softwares used in commercial departments (print, web, movie), like the adobe suite and some web oriented programming languages (html, php, sql, actionScript 2, javaScript). In 2003, I joined a company managing several restaurants and night clubs in Montpellier and I was in charge of all communication web, print, video and derivatives each institution. In 2009, I wanted to change and I go back my first love dating the high school : the motion picture's world. Since 2009, I am training oriented 3D animation and in 2011 at Dwarf Academy in specialization shot FX Technical director who is an excellent compromise between technical and artistic approach. »

Skills developed with Dwarf Academy :

OSX or Linux environment / TCSH, MEL, Python scripting / MEL expressions / Maya user interface creation
Relight dynamic shader expression / R&D pipeline creation (import, parsing, export data files) in python
Maya fluid, hair system, nParticles, nCloth, rigid & soft body, Maya fields and constraints.
Good notions with RealFlow deamons and particles simulation.
Good understanding of a correct polygon flow in subdivision in hard surfaces modeling.
Knowedge in the visual components of motion pictures composition. And the method to control the
audience eyes by playing with the contrast and affinity intensity of the visuals components

I'm now in position at nWave Digital (Brussels) as Character FX Cloth & Hair.

Demo Reel's breakdown and Resume downloadable :


Download my demoreel in HD 720p (106 Mo) / HD 1080p (785 Mo)
Demo Reel FX TD based on our training project "Aftermath" developped in 2011 at Dwarf Academy (Montpellier).
Directed by Olivier Pinol (PDI Dreamworks, Weta Digital, Dwarf-labs).