Minh Kin DO

Technical Director FX





Personal works

November 2011 :

Autodesk catalog talk about Bakery Relightâ„¢ and Dwarf-Labs

Lighting Artists, Arnauld Lamorlette of the Bakery and Olivier Pinol of Dwarf Labs talk about the role of good lighting in animated film projects, and how tools like Bakery Relight are helping to improve the capabilities and productivity levels of artists today. And Link to Student academy's blog to show our teamwork

October 2011 :

My interview on Digital Media World magazine (Australia)

My Personal contribute and teamworking on our training project "Aftermath" presented on the famous Australian magazine.

September 2011 :

My profile on Dwarf Academy Blog

First Class Graduated from Dwarf Academy

June 2011 :

MasterClass with MinHyung Lee (Pixar studios)

MinHyung Lee, Lighting TD at Pixar (Up, Toy Story 3, Toy Story Hawai, cars 2, ...) was an awsome inspiration on our project. He specially came from San Francisco to dwarf academy for the master class about the visual storytelling and symbol of color in Pixar. The opportunity to meet him was an extraordinary experience and have his feedback on our work was awsome.

Demo Reel's breakdown and Resume downloadable :


Download my demoreel in HD 720p (106 Mo) / HD 1080p (785 Mo)
Demo Reel FX TD based on our training project "Aftermath" developped in 2011 at Dwarf Academy (Montpellier).
Directed by Olivier Pinol (PDI Dreamworks, Weta Digital, Dwarf-labs).